Atlanta Detox – 3 Reasons Why These Programs Can Work For You

Heroine Rehab can be the first step for many to leading a better life. The impact that heroine can have is well known as it can help change good people into shells of their former selves. Fortunately, drug treatment centers now offer programs that are geared specifically towards heroine abuse. Although freedom from addiction is not easy, it is certainly possible. Here, we take a look at some reasons why rehab works:

1. Use a lifeline- phone a friend.

The support network created by heroin rehab programs can be very helpful for many. Not only can you find trained staff and doctors with specific training for heroin users and Atlanta Detox, you will find programs that are geared specifically for this problem and classes full of people dealing with the same issue. This makes group and one on one discussions more effective as patients can recognize the value in these narrowly tailored programs.

2. Provides a set time to stop and address the issue head on.

There are many stressors in life that can help make overcoming drug addiction difficult. Entering an on-site treatment center can be very helpful in these instances because it allows the patients to address their addiction while putting other aspects of their life on hold. By essentially stopping the clock, many people are able to see what behaviors are causing their problems and also give them time to sit back and think about what can be done to avoid these situations in the future.

3. Drug treatment is a no spin zone and Atlanta Detox

Drug addiction can make otherwise honest people lie. One area where addicts usually have difficulty is coming to terms with their addiction. Treatment centers are very good at honing in on these issues and forcing patients to confront these issues. By doing so, patients have a greater opportunity to get lasting recovery and to recognize the negative consequences of their addiction.

In these centers the addiction treatment starts with detoxification and includes behavioral therapies. When a person detoxifies they are eliminating the toxins that are released by the heroin from their body. This can be done in one of three ways.

• Discontinue heroin use suddenly-with this method you will suffer severe withdrawal symptoms that could lead to the relapse of using heroin. If you are in an inpatient addiction treatment center they do have medications that will help you through this period and may help the withdrawal symptoms to not be as bad so they can be managed with less discomfort.

• Detox the body with medications-there are three medications that can be used for heroin addiction treatment. Methadone has a drawback, which is that some get addicted to it. Buprenorphine is thought to be safer with a less chance of addiction. Suboxone helps to give you less severe withdrawal symptoms. All three are used to help you taper off heroin and the dosage is gradually lowered and then stopped.

• Rapid detox-this is a controversial method in which the user is administered an opioid antagonist that will detox your body within a span of three hours. Normally it will take three to four days.

It is widely suggested that as part of the addiction treatment program, both inpatient and outpatient, that continual behavioral therapy programs be followed to help you stay off heroin. These can include cognitive and behavioral therapy and contingency management therapy. In most cases a person who is addicted to heroin will seek an addiction treatment program on their own when they really want to become clean but in some cases it may be court ordered. When the person is not considered an adult then the parents can have them put into a treatment plan.

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why more and more people are choosing to enter heroine rehab programs.