Burglar Proof Windows

When it comes to business and home security, no stone should be left unturned to protect investments, home, or family from intruders. There are many things that people consider when they are looking into security options. An area of security that is often overlooked is windows.

The windows of your home or business are a potential access point through unsecured locks or breaking the glass. Broken glass can slow down an intruder but is not a complete deterrent. All window locks in your home should be replaced with secure locks that can prevent an intruder from forcing a window open.

Often people do not think about the glass security options for windows and burglar proof windows. There are a few custom-window manufacturers that can provide your home or business with affordable burglar proof windows.

When considering a burglar proof window look for a window that has multi-chamber frames to prevent an intruder from breaking the glass with objects. Consider looking for a window that has drill protection. Drill protection will prevent an intruder from using a hand drill to gain access to your home or business and a multi-chamber frame will provide you with maximum security and stability.

Another important component of a burglar proof window is an internal lock. Look for windows that have multiple internal locks for optimum security. 

Look for a minimum of 5 to 7 internal locks and burglar proof windows

To protect your flooring, furniture and family from harmful UV rays you will want to consider the UV reflection of the window. Make sure to look for a window that has at least 50% UV-ray reflection.

Noise is another factor when selecting a burglar proof window. Many windows have a noise suppression value of about 32 dB. Burglar proof windows should have a higher rating of at least 40dB.

Regardless of the windows that you select or the replacement of window locks this should not be your only line of defense against potential intruders. To secure your home or business you should consider a security system. Using a top of the line national chain can provide you with more security options than local providers.

Look for trusted names in the security that an intruder would recognize. After the installation of these systems the security services company should provide you with yard signs and window decals to alert potential intruders that you are protected by one of the top names in the business. Often this can be deterrent enough to protect your home, business, or family.

Now, if you are thinking about how to burglar proof doors and windows, you will get all the ways of doing so in this article. 

Proper Lighting

Remember that no burglar will try to enter your house in proper lighting, In other words, make sure to have proper lighting in all your home entries. Installing motion sensitive lights at doors is a great idea to scare the burglars who try to break into your house. 

Sliding Glass Doors

In houses with sliding glass doors and windows, it is important to install locks made especially for such doors and windows. You can even make special locks for such sliding glass doors by hammering a nail in the window track when the window is closed. 

Deadbolt Locks

Another idea for those who are seeking ways of burglar proof doors and windows is the usage of deadbolt locks. Extending about 1″ in the door frames, these locks provide a solid security for doors and windows. Instead of trusting chain locks, try to use deadbolt locks.

Install Peepholes

Doors will never offer an entry to burglars if you have installed peepholes in them. Peepholes in windows help you to see who is knocking at the door. In doors, where you can’t install peepholes, installing a rounded auto mirror on a window that shows the front of the door does the same trick. 

When selecting your home security system consider all the possible monitoring services available and research the equipment. You will want to make certain that you will have 24 hour coverage every day of the year. Remember that a little time and investment now can save you thousands of dollars in the event of a burglary or disaster.