Cloud Based Tracking Supplies a Cost Effective Approach to Monitoring

Cloud computing has taken hold in numerous consumer markets because of the significant benefits offered by the technology. This form of computing involves providing both storage and application services to an individual or business. The concept is accomplished by one of three methods: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), or Software as a Service (SaaS). Each delivers convenience in a specific area of computing capabilities.

IaaS – involves paying for hosted server environments where applications, processes, and data are managed at an outside location.

PaaS – entails renting a server along with the applications necessary to utilize it.

SaaS – consists of a business renting an application in conjunction with the database necessary to house the software’s data.

Cloud based issue tracking falls within the SaaS category and

IT services Seattle Washington because data generated through the use of a hosted program is maintained on a server of the service provider. Faster implementation, easier manageability, and reduced upkeep are a few of the benefits supplied by cloud based issue management.

Cloud Based Issue Management: How is it Different from Traditional Choices?

SaaS options are accomplished by the provider installing and managing the application for web-based remote operation. The infrastructure, platform, program, and data are all managed by the provider at a remote site. 

IT services seattle Washington management eliminates tasks on the business side such as:

Individual PC Installations

Server Implementation

Hardware Maintenance



Remote Setups

Security Management

In simplest terms, the cloud is a nickname given for using the Internet to store data, use applications, and utilize hardware at a location other than a local computer or business office. A user enters their secure login information and is granted access to a system, program, or data housed on a server at another location. It is one of the easiest ways to accommodate accessing technology or data from many locations outside of the traditional office setting.

Cloud based issue tracking

This is an option for companies wanting an affordable approach to managing problems without the bounds of a traditional product. They are comparable to an email program where the user logs into a website and is then able to see their own information. Of course, the technology behind these services is far more advanced than this description and providers go the extra mile to ensure the security of these items.

Cloud based issue management

This provides the benefits of simple access from any location and any computer to accomplish problem management procedures. It is a good choice when members of a team are located in different parts of the world because it provides a central repository each person accesses as needed without the troubles of licensing restrictions or extensive maintenance requirements. A reputable provider uses encryption procedures designed to provide protection comparable to government or banking practices. This option has created a unique opportunity for businesses to gain necessary technology at a lower cost than internal implementation.


Cloud based issue tracking is an affordable option for companies in need of a non-geographically limited tool where only minimal hardware is needed to accomplish problem management practices.