Costa Rica Honeymoon – A Great Spot to Vacation

PG6189 Beach, Corcovado National Park, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

Honey moons are spectacular, what better way to start a new life than with a vacation. A honeymoon should be the vacation of a lifetime, sometimes spending less on the wedding and more on the honeymoon is very sage advice.

There are so many places that offer great honeymoon retreats, there are domestic locations and there are some wonderful exotic locations to choose from. Costa Rica honeymoon resorts  have to be on the top ten list of exotic honeymoon vacations.

Why Costa Rica For a Honeymoon?

The first and most influential choice is the cost. There are plenty of beautiful spots around the globe that will afford the same paradise feel as Costa Rica but none can match it in the cost. Costa Rica is located in Central America bordered by Nicaragua on the North and Panama on the south. It has a well developed tourism infrastructure and is geographically amazing. There are huge national parks and waterfalls, the rainforests are lush and full of life and the beaches are pristine, some very private.

Costa Rica is a great place to spend a honeymoon -Costa Rica honeymoon resorts 

The lush rainforests and the white sand beaches just beckon for couples to come and relax. There are so many things to do during your stay in Costa Rica or do nothing at all. Every resort offers canopy tours of the rainforest, hiking, snorkeling; some have volcano hikes and other group activities.

The weather is temperate and comfortable thanks to the rainforest. There are ocean breezes and cool evenings perfect for cuddling under the stars.

Cost of a Costa Rica Honeymoon

The cost of a Costa Rica honeymoon will vary but will start at a very reasonable two thousand dollar per couple excluding airfare. There are all inclusive packages available that include all meals and snacks. There are plenty of package options and all of them are very reasonable even for the most luxurious resort that pricing is still reasonable and much less by comparison. Booking is easy, there are online sites that can get your booking done, a travel agent is sure to be able to take care of the arrangements or contact the Costa Rican tourism board who would be more than willing to point you in the right direction.

A Costa Rica honeymoon will make memories of a lifetime. The cost is right and the location is exotic. There are many couples’ activities at many of the resorts that offer honeymoon packages.