Keep Your Pet Healthy With the Proper Toy Poodle Nutrition

A Toy Poodle can be a loving and intelligent addition to your family, but before you adopt one, you should know a bit about Toy Poodle nutrition. Providing your new pet with the proper nutrition will help him build a strong immune system as well as keep him looking and feeling great.

Many of the commercial pet foods and puppies for sale in Manhattan NY available in the market have inadequate amounts of the needed nutrients to keep your pet healthy. So you have to be careful in choosing the right food, read the list of ingredients on your favorite dog food and you might be surprised to find out it is full of “junk”.

You’ll be amazed that the “by-products” listed in your favorite dog food actually includes anything deemed unfit for human consumption such as feathers, fecal matter, animal hooves and spoiled meat, even fillers like hair and newspapers! Most likely, these by-products will expose your dog to a host of illnesses and diseases.

Choose to be sure that your pet receives adequate puppies for sale in Manhattan NY

Not all commercial foods are lacking in nutrients and potentially harmful to your pet. You may find them to be more expensive, but brands like Life’s Abundance, Innova and Old Mother Hubbard are good foods containing quality ingredients and no fillers. They would be fine choices for your pet. And while they may cost a little more, because of their higher nutritional value, your pet will actually eat less and he will be healthier so you will end up saving money in the long run.

It is important that you read the labels on commercial food. Meat should be the first or the second ingredient. Keep reading to see if there are any artificial preservatives, by-products or fillers. If you come across something that doesn’t sound food related or even vaguely familiar, I suggest you find another food for your Poodle.

Feeding your pet Poodle foods that you would eat yourself is the one way you can ensure that your dog is receiving the best nutrition he can get. That’s right, foods like chicken, turkey, eggs, brown rice, potatoes, apples, and even carrots are the kinds of things your Poodle should be getting. While there are those who suggest that a raw food diet, feeding raw meats to your dog, is best, my personal belief is that meat today is potentially too filled with bacteria and parasites and so cooking them to the same standards as you would for yourself would be the safest course.

Like all dog breeds, the quality of a toy poodle depends on its genetic make up and the initial treatment of the breeder from the time it was born until it is sold. Go ahead and feel free to ask questions. A responsible toy poodle breeder will give you prompt answers including supporting documents as proof. They can easily give you information regarding the dam and sire, and even the pup’s grandparents.

Some would say these are unnecessary – I see a cute toy poodle that needs a home and that’s all that matters. On the contrary, you NEED to know a puppy’s (or a full grown toy poodle if you’d rather have that) “history”. It may look “normal” upon purchase but in a few months’ time, your cute fur ball may go blind, have hip dysplasia or have a serious bleeding disorder that may not only be debilitating to your pup but will cost quite a dent on your pockets too.

Toy poodle breeders that matter are those whose primary concern is the welfare of the dog. Money does count but it is not the end all and be all for them. They will not just dispose of their litter to the highest bidder but they would rather that these animals find homes where they will be properly taken care of and bring mutual joy for the pup and its owner (or owners).

Your Poodle is a well loved member of the family, so why not feed him like one? Providing the proper Toy Poodle nutrition will help keep him feeling great and increase longevity as well as keep eyes sharp, her heart and body strong and his coat shiny.